Dump Bag Sky Rocket Tool Bag

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Ropewise - Professional Abseiling, Climbing and Roping Equipment

Ropewise believe that every professional roper deserves the best equipment and we made sure to provide the abseiling gear and climbing accessories that are ergonomically designed to make the task of climbing less complicated. Robert Dunshea who pioneered the company was himself, works within the industry that requires the most dependable ropes and climbing equipment, and he used that as the advantage to be able to provide the best climbing equipment in the market right now.

Our current top selling climbing equipment such as the Dump bag, the Technical tool bag, Helmet Sunshade, the Legbag, and the Ripper, are all specifically designed to suit your needs as a professional roper. These roping equipment and climbing accessories are perfect for people whose line of work involves rescue operations, sky-sign installations and wall climbing.

Ropewise products are ideal for difficult access jobs with workplace safety.

Does your work involve Roping, Trees, Height safety, Fall Arrest, Climbing, Difficult Access, Abseiling, Guiding, Rope Rescue, or Rope Training?

Do you wear a helmet or a harness on the job?

If so, below are some climbing equipment here you need to have a look at.


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